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We specialise in spray applied and hand cast hempcrete construction, from the conservation and restoration of period timber framed properties, barn conversions and garden studios, through to newly built grand designs. We also offer timber framing, lime plastering and breathable insulated floor slab services.


We can offer our services as the main contractor for a building or restoration project, or as a sub-contractor for casting hempcrete and lime finishes. We can liase directly with architects and work with clients to achieve the best results.





To ensure the installation of hempcrete goes smoothly, it is important to be involved in the design stage of a build. Although building with hempcrete is not complicated there are important eves and plinth details that can be over looked by builders or architects that are new to working with hempcrete. If cladding is to be used to finish the building, it is also key to have put in place the appropriate planning before the hempcrete is cast.


It is important to us that hempcrete projects go well and we are always happy to answer questions or to point people in the right direction.

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