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Environmental sustainability, creating breathable, healthy buildings and the conservation of traditional timber framed buildings are the core of our building ethics. It is these passions that lead us to building with hempcrete, believing it to be the champion building material. 

We are a small family run company, with a background in carpentry, restoration and the design of aesthetic buildings that perform well. We have been involved in a number of bespoke green building projects, some more modern and innovative, others more traditional or vernacular. 


Shalco specialises in spray applied hempcrete, using unique equipment from France that has been specifically designed for this purpose. With a broad knowledge base to draw on we have the experience and ability to fully manage a project as the main contractor or to simply be sub contractors for hempcrete.

Shalco uses hempcrete alongside other natural and low-impact materials, lime plasters and locally grown and milled hardwoods. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, to achieve a beautiful building that performs and is affordable.

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