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We are a family business based in Suffolk, specialising in hemp & lime (hempcrete) construction & other natural building methods. We work with individuals, architects & builders who want to create unique, energy-efficient homes & buildings that don't cost the earth.


Timber framed cottage, restored using hempcrete. We were contracted in to spray the material onto this beautiful home.

This stunning building is built to passivhaus standards, is ultra energy efficient and super insulated - with 450mm thick walls. We were commissioned to spray the building with hempcrete and then finish with lime plaster.

We co-managed this project with the client, including ongoing liaison with the architects, completing all ground work, timber framing and lime plastering in order to create a beautiful, hempcrete eco-workshop.

C16 Grade 2 listed farmhouse underwent major restoration where non breathable concrete render was removed, structural oak timber repairs were undertaken and filled with hempcrete. The building was finished with lime plaster along with full restoration of all the sliding sash windows. Applying hempcrete to a heritage building enables preservation of historic architecture and materials such as wattle and daub and original timber framing.

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